How to Figure Chair and Table Rentals for Parties? Know Here!

When planning a successful outdoor event, many individuals focus on arranging excellent food and beverages, choosing the management staff, and finalizing proper seating for guests. They don’t consider planning for the chair and table rentals beforehand and even forget to check whether they fit comfortably underneath the tent. If you have planned your entire event and left with renting the chairs and tables, read on to find out certain factors to help you determine the best ones for your party.

1. Estimate Your Expected Audience Size

Having an overall estimate of how many guests will attend your special event or birthday party will help you best determine how many chairs and table rentals you need. It can be that you estimated a guest list of around 50 people, and unknowingly an average of 100 guests arrived without an invitation. How will you tackle the situation? That’s why it’s always a wise decision to determine your crowd size before you dive right into hosting an event or a birthday party.

2. Choose a Seating Style That Matches the Theme of Your Event

Different events demand different types of seating styles, the ones that generally fulfill their guest’s needs. It depends entirely on the theme and goal of your event. If you want to conduct a business event to celebrate your years of success in your niche, conference-style seating will be the best fit.

On the other hand, if you wish to throw an event that includes some dance performances, theater-style seating with rows and columns will be more appropriate. With the right seating style in mind, you can hire the best Chair and table rental and allow your guests to enjoy your event peacefully.

3. Leave Enough Space for Your Foodservice Equipment

For the successful completion of any event, food serves a significant purpose. Similarly, foodservice equipment needs plenty of space under your tent for guests to enjoy their meals and deserts stress-free. Deciding on the allotment of space to bar areas, buffet tables, and server stations beforehand also helps you finalize the number of Chairs and table rental for the party.

4. Choose the Right Accessories and Decor

The accessories and decor you choose for your event, either corporate or personal, can affect your decision of the number of tables and Chairs for party rental. Whether you wish to add corporate displays, sculptures, merchandise tables, or plants to the decor of your event, ensure they match the seating arrangements and several chairs and tables.

5. Don’t Forget to Take Tent Sizes Into Account

Tent sizes usually decide on the amount of spacing each guest needs. Also, choosing the ideal tent sizes is essential for bringing the required number of chair and table rentals as per the size of your guests. If you have understood how to determine the number of tables and chair rentals and search for top-quality party rentals, Atlanta Creationz Events Lithonia GA can be your best go-to place.

We are one of the best event party planners in Atlanta who promise to make your event run smoothly and seamlessly. Contact us for more details on our affordable tables and chair rentals.

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